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True Presence -

The Art of Being Authentically Charismatic

Would you like to remain calm, centered and focused — even in very difficult, stressful situations?                                                                

Would you like to emote a confidence and presence that will win over others with your personality?                                                               

Would you like to bring more clarity and stability into your life so that you better understand your goals and your life’s purpose?

To walk into a room and to be taken seriously by everyone there.

In this online training with performance expert and “Stage Queen” Laura Baxter, you will experience how you can win over others with your own authentic, magnetic personality. True Presence means being able to be in the here and now, being able to remain centered and focused — even in difficult situations. True Presence means being able walk into a room and own it! Have everyone in that room feel your presence. True Presence means finding and following your life’s purpose, and being able to deeply connect with those around you.

Who is the perfect Participant?
If you would like to understand what it takes to exude presence or if you feel like you would like to have more clarity and a stronger sense of purpose in your life, so that you can reach others in a more profound way, then this seminar is for you.

Do I need to have previous experience in presenting or in creating presence?
No. This seminar is ideal for both beginners and for more advanced students of presence. Because the exercises are designed for you to go at your own pace, you will discover new things about yourself no matter what level you are at.

What is the goal of this online seminar?
To help you on a journey which guides you from feeling less secure to exuding an irresistible presence. To show you how to walk into a room, to feel secure in who you are, and to be taken seriously by everyone around you.


  • Möchten Sie in schwierigen Situationen zentriert und gelassen bleiben?
  • Möchten Sie Klarheit in Ihrem Leben finden, damit Sie zielgerichtet vorankommen?
  • Möchten Sie Souveränität ausstrahlen, den Raum einnehmen und dadurch Menschen begeistern?

Dann ist dieses Online-Seminar für SIE! Die wahre Präsenz heißt, die Fäfhigkeit zu haben, im Hier und Jetzt zu sein -- selbst in schwierigen Situationen. Die wahre Präsenz heißt, die Fäfhigkeit zu haben, den Raum einzunehmen, damit Andere Sie spüren können und in Ihrer Nähe sein möchten. Die wahre Präsenz heißt, zu verstehen, was Ihre Lebensaufgabe ist und Klarheit auszustrahlen. 

In dieser Einführung in Die wahre Präsenz, werden Sie erfahren, was Präsenz ist und wie Sie die wahre Präsenz erleben und ausstrahlen können. Für weitere Information über Die wahre Präsenz, klciken Sie hier




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