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No two organizations are the same. And no two events from one organization are the same. At each meeting, each event, you want to convey a very special message to your very special audience.

Why is it then that so many meeting and event organizers settle for the same old speech that a speaker has given a thousand times before -- even at events that your competition sponsored?! 

For this reason, I have developed my custom-made LeaderAbend®.  A keynote that is tailor-made for your audience. You give us the key topic that you would like addressed at your next meeting, and I create a talk which combines beautiful music, inspiring stories and tools that will help your audience succeed -- all the while conveying your message!  Entertaining and informative. Inspiring and empowering. That is a LeaderAbend®!

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Is it your job to get your company's or organization's message out there?

What better way to do it than through inspiring music combined with motivating stories and your message individually cut for your audience? My keynotes and custom-made LeaderAbend® will help position your company with your customers with the message that you want to send!


Executive Development / Human Resources

Make an Impact and Exude Presence

Presence. In the corporate world you know how important it is for the representatives of your company to have presence — both an inner presence that helps them to remain calm in challenging situations and an outer presence that enables them to walk into a room and own it, the ability to motivate their employees and to assure customers that your product is the best there is.

Having Presence is a learned — and earned — process.


Through My Seminars:

Your team will master . . . 

. . . how motivate their Employees

. . . how to inspire Customers 

. . . how to deal with Crisis Situations

. . . how to make an impact and exude presence!


Through my confidential Coachings:

Your leadership team will . . .

. . . be calm, centered and focused while executing difficult tasks in difficult situations

. . . be clear about their purpose so that they can exude strength and own the room

. . . be able to represent your organization with a confidence and passion that enables them to motivate and inspire your team



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