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  • The Ties that Bind


    Scissors cutting through the string
    What is holding you back from your dreams?


    A couple of days ago, I was helping my son clean out his closet and sort out old toys that he has long-since outgrown. In this process we came across something that I can only describe as a mass of string intertwined with a ball, a hand-made paper medal and an expensive, portable insect observatory. When we first saw this tangled knot of twine, my son exclaimed, "My ball! I was looking for this!" It was a ball that he himself had constructed with an elastic string attached which caused the ball to immediately bounce back to the thrower. In his enthusiasm, he began to try to untie the mess.

  • How Authentic are You?

    "What was that?!" "That was awful!" "And he calls himself a presentation expert?!" "He needs to learn how to give a presentation himself, before he shows others how!"
    These were just a few of the comments I heard after a German colleague of mine gave his first major international speech a few months ago. And, unfortunately, the reaction was justified. 

  • Collaborative Leadership

    Great description of the difference between traditional leaders and collaborative leaders! Thank you, Stacey Olsen, from Collaborative Lead Training Co!



  • How you make them feel . . .

    Today we lost one of the most amazing storytellers of our time. Our thoughts are with Dr. Angelou and her family. RIP



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The Ties that Bind

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Scissors cutting through the string

What is holding you back from your dreams?

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